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Classes and Inheritance

Object oriented JavaScript is everywhere today, and its the type of thing that takes a developer from someone tinkering with JavaScript on the path to becoming a JavaScript ninja. In this post I’m gonna discuss the basics of creating a JavaScript class, and a subclass which inherits methods from the superclass.

A JavaScript Class

Let’s start out with a basic class. The Person class has one method getName, when you create a new instance of the Person class you will pass in the Person’s name.

The Person class

function Person(name) {
  this.name = name;
Person.prototype.getName = function() {
  return this.name;

In the above example I created a Person class with a name attribute and a function to retrieve the name. Now I’ll create a new person, “Jon Rohan”.

var p = new Person("Jon Rohan");
// output: Jon Rohan

The <pre>p</pre> is a new Person with the name “Jon Rohan”, when I log to the console the result of <pre>p.getName()</pre> it returns “Jon Rohan”.

Prototype Chain

Now we bring in the prototype chain. The chain is like an inheritance chain. Developer inherits → from Person. We are defining a Developer as a Person, cause developers are people too. ;-) The developer takes the name attribute like Person, and an array of skills. The first line of the Developer class is to <pre>call</pre> the Person class. This calls the Person’s constructor. The Developer class also has a new method getSkills, because a Person is too general to have skills, but as a Developer, there are skills that they have.

We also need to set Developer.prototype to the Person’s prototype, by creating a new Person. Now we set the Developer’s constructor to the Developer. And we have successfully created a prototype chain from Developer to Person.

The Developer Class

function Developer(name, skills) {
  Person.call(this, name); // we call the Person constructor since it's the superclass
  this.skills = skills;
  this.getSkills = function() {
    return this.skills;
Developer.prototype = new Person();
Developer.prototype.constructor = Developer;

Now we’ll create a new Developer, with the name “Jon Rohan” and skills [“Javascript”, “HTML”, “CSS”]. When we create the new developer, he’ll also have the getName method inherited from the Person class, and the getSkills method from the Developer class.

var d = new Developer("Jon Rohan",["Javascript", "HTML", "CSS"]);
// output: Jon Rohan
// output: Javascript, HTML, CSS
console.log(d.getSkills().join(", "));

This is the basic ideas behind Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, I’ve only really scratched the surface in JavaScript OOP.



jonrohan This post was hastily written by Jon Rohan

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