I am a Web Designer and Developer
working at GitHub

My passion is building beautiful products and working with wonderful people.

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These appearances are talks I gave, blog posts about products shipped or podcasts in which I participated.

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  1. GitHub Integrations Directory

    We shipped an Integrations directory for application makers on GitHub.

  2. Updated syntax highlighting theme

    When we launched syntax highlighted diffs, we needed to rewrite our pygments processor because of the extra processing power that it required. This gave us the opportunity to rethink the theme. We redesigned the colors with readability in mind for red/green highlighted lines in diffs.

  3. GitHub's Explore Email

    After shipping GitHub Trending, I had a lot of developers asking to be able to subscribe to the trending list. I created the explore email to give developers snapshots of activity daily, weekly or monthly.

  4. Non Breaking Space Show #30

    I was invited to speak on the Non Breaking Space show about CSS performance. I was prompted because of a talk I gave on the subject.

  5. GitHub's CSS Performance

    A talk I gave at the 2012 CSS Dev conference about monitoring and fixing some performance problems on GitHub’s diff pages. I talked about lessons learned, tools used and rules for the future. The talk was also recorded.

  6. GitHub Notifications 2.0

    I helped ship what was the second iteration of GitHub notifications. The focus of a lot of the work was around subscribing to threads and the web notifications view.

  7. The making of octicons

    Gave a joint talk with Cameron McEfee about octicons at a cascade sf event. This was a talk focused specifically after we launched octicons.

  8. Say hello to octicons

    This was a blog post introducing GitHub’s new icon font, Octicons. We did this because we wanted to make our site as HDpi as we could. Replacing the previous icon set with scallable ones was a win win.